What's This All About?

I'm so very tired of being a binge eater. Of being controlled by the need and overwhelming drive to sit on the couch and eat two pints of Ben & Jerry's at a time and then filling like crap afterwards. I've done a lot of reading and exploring about this over the last several years and frankly find that it's a bit overwhelming. There are so many views on how to loose weight, eat healthfully etc... On why people have brain fog and lethargy etc....

Thanks to a Facebook featured post of all things -- I encountered Bright Line Eating and signed up for their boot camp. I'm pretty skeptical about whether this will work -- in the sense that I wonder if I can actually stick to it for even the 8 weeks that the boot camp lasts. At any rate -- I thought I'd start this blog to document that journey/experiment.

I listed in the sidebar some of the books I've read or that I have on my reading list as well as links to people and organizations that have influenced me. Mos…
I made it to my goal range of 148-152 pounds! YES!. At 151 -- that's a total of 69 pounds lost on Bright Line Eating and 73 pounds lost from my highest weight ever. I've been adding back in food per the Bright Line Eating maintenance plan since May 23rd. I've been going slowly and have added in 3 components so far: 1 serving of grain at lunch, additional 1/2 serving of grain at breakfast and an additional serving of protein split between breakfast and dinner. It may be time to add the 4th soon, but we will see. Loving this program because it works, it's flexible enough that you can still live your life while eating healthfully -- and for the amazing support being in the Bright Lifers program brings.

If you are interested, I updated my measurements and other Stats on the Statistics page, and there are photos in the blog post I wrote in June.

Thanks Susan Peirce Thompson

The New England Bright Line Eating Group recently hosted Susan Peirce Thompson when she was in Boston. I couldn't make it to the event unfortunately, but decided to participate in the book that the group is making for Susan. Below is my contribution, photos and a letter to Susan. 
I found BLE totally by accident. I’ve been a binge eater and emotional/stress/comfort eater my whole life, but the bingeing had been really bad over the past year mainly because my job was so stressful – I have a toxic, micromanaging boss. After about 8 years of remaining between 210 and 220 lbs I’d popped up to 224 lbs. I knew something had to change and I wanted to address the binge eating. I had come to terms with being heavy and made peace with my body so losing weight was not my motivation. I’d given up on being able to lose weight anyway. The lowest I’d managed to get in the last 10 years was 203 and that was with so much effort, deprivation, and feeling bad about myself when I cheated – it just wa…

Six Months Later

So six months here I am. Down 52 pounds from the beginning of boot camp on October 4, 2017.

I have lost:
6.5 inches in my Bust
10.5 inches in my Waist
8.5 inches in my Hips
10.25 inches in my Stomach

Seeing those numbers in incredible to me. I really didn't see myself as I was before I guess, but I can see it now -- that I was heavy before.

Still not sure exactly why I am able to stick to this, when I could never stick to Weight Watchers or anything else, but it must be this program. I'm thankful.

Forty Pounds Less

My weekly weigh in was yesterday and I broke the 180 barrier and am now down to 179.8.  That's a total loss of 40.2 pounds since I started Bright Line Eating (BLE) Boot Camp on October 4th. I haven't seen the 170s for at least ten years. I can't find any record of exactly what I weighed after I was pregnant with Sam but I do know that the lowest I got back down to was 168 pounds when we were in Italy in June 2004. I think I was in the upper 170s when we moved from Athens, GA to Rhode Island which is when I began gaining a lot of weight fast because of emotional binge eating of sweets -- because I was depressed about having to leave a job and friends I loved. Anyway -- this is a huge success and I'm going to pat myself on the back and take it. I've been losing weight lately at a rate of just under 2 pounds per week which is excellent. I think that my twice weekly weight training is helping this, but I could be wrong. I've been doing that for a couple of years b…

Half Way to Goal Weight!

Update almost Four Months in. I have been so much more successful than I had anticipated. I went into this wanting to get over binge eating and not necessarily to loose weight. I didn't think it was possible for me to loose 20 pounds let alone 35.  I now believe that I can get down to my goal weight of 150-155. That's 30-35 pounds left to loose. My BMI is now in the overweight range instead of the obese range and my wireless scale can't tell if it's me or my husband standing on it -- so my weight must be close to his rather than a whole lot more than his.

For the most part Bright Line Eating has not been that hard. It maybe that I was just in the right place and receptive to it -- but more likely it's the program itself and the fact that it emphasizes brain healing, overcoming food addiction, support, meditation, self-compassion, and other tools in addition to an eating plan that is simple to follow. I encourage anyone who is interested to read the book or try a 1…

Ten weeks of Boot Camp Later....

So I thought I would write a whole lot more, but time got away from me. I've been so much more successful than I could have imagined. I only broke my Bright Lines a few times and in very small ways: one glass of champagne, grain at dinner and some asian food that may or may not have had some added sugar. Because I was able to follow the plan I managed to loose 25 pounds in 10 weeks which is pretty astonishing. For the most part my cravings were at a level of 1 out of 5 on most days as was my hunger and discomfort from hunger. Sure there were some days when I was hungry at the beginning as my body adapted to three meals a day and less calories, but on the whole I'm not hungry. I do feel more free and unless I'm planning my food for the next day I'm not thinking about food, or when I'll eat next or what I'll eat. I have a lot more to say about all of this, but don't have time right now. These are terrible photos, but here's what 22 pounds gone looks like…

Day Two of Bright Line Eating Boot Camp: Observations at Mid-Day

9:00 AM: #Observations. Hello Everyone hope you are having a good BL day. I just finished breakfast on my Day Two. 1.) The oatmeal portion looked tiny to me. I made it with milk this morning which was better than yesterdays with water and had a half protein serving of nuts and a banana and added salt and cinnamon. So what I thought was too small was actually plenty and I was totally satisfied. This portion is about half the amount of oatmeal I had been eating when I ate oatmeal. 2.) I ate A LOT of vegetables yesterday and I like vegetables and already ate what I thought was more than average. I have some gas and bloating this morning (sorry if that's TMI) hopefully just my body getting used to this. 3.) No cravings at all yesterday even as I sat next to my husband drinking wine and eating dessert! 4.) I have to take this one day at a time because honestly I can't conceive of eating this way for a month let a lone forever! 5.) I forgot to do the Nightly check list.

1:15 PM: #Ob…