What's This All About?

I'm so very tired of being a binge eater. Of being controlled by the need and overwhelming drive to sit on the couch and eat two pints of Ben & Jerry's at a time and then filling like crap afterwards. I've done a lot of reading and exploring about this over the last several years and frankly find that it's a bit overwhelming. There are so many views on how to loose weight, eat healthfully etc... On why people have brain fog and lethargy etc....

Thanks to a Facebook featured post of all things -- I encountered Bright Line Eating and signed up for their boot camp. I'm pretty skeptical about whether this will work -- in the sense that I wonder if I can actually stick to it for even the 8 weeks that the boot camp lasts. At any rate -- I thought I'd start this blog to document that journey/experiment.

I listed in the sidebar some of the books I've read or that I have on my reading list as well as links to people and organizations that have influenced me. Mostly this blog is for me -- I don't care if anyone else reads it and I'm keeping it separate from my regular blog because I actually don't want my family and friends to know about it unless they stumble on it.


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