Day Two of Bright Line Eating Boot Camp: Observations at Mid-Day

9:00 AM: #Observations. Hello Everyone hope you are having a good BL day. I just finished breakfast on my Day Two. 1.) The oatmeal portion looked tiny to me. I made it with milk this morning which was better than yesterdays with water and had a half protein serving of nuts and a banana and added salt and cinnamon. So what I thought was too small was actually plenty and I was totally satisfied. This portion is about half the amount of oatmeal I had been eating when I ate oatmeal. 2.) I ate A LOT of vegetables yesterday and I like vegetables and already ate what I thought was more than average. I have some gas and bloating this morning (sorry if that's TMI) hopefully just my body getting used to this. 3.) No cravings at all yesterday even as I sat next to my husband drinking wine and eating dessert! 4.) I have to take this one day at a time because honestly I can't conceive of eating this way for a month let a lone forever! 5.) I forgot to do the Nightly check list.

1:15 PM: #Observations. I just finished lunch. I started getting hungry at around 11:30 so that's not bad. I had a meeting then but managed to put lunch off to 12:30 without much difficulty. I had egg salad made with two eggs and 1T mayo, a mixed salad of arugula, spring mix, spinach, tomatoes, red pepper and shredded carrot with balsamic vinegar, and 2 clementines and some of my favorite flavor of La Croix water (Peach-Pear). It didn't seem like much egg salad to me but so far so good. I made myself go up to the Cafeteria and sit at a table rather than eating in my office at my desk. I think that helps make the meal more of an event and not part of work. I am really tired though, and am getting a headache between my eyes. I don't now if that's a result of de-toxing or something else. It's not like I was never tired or never had a sinus headache before I started Bright Line Eating Boot Camp. It's a bit of a different though -- almost a bit light headed? One of my questions/concerns is that it's the exact same amount of food for all women who are on the weight loss maintenance plan. It doesn't take into account activity level, or the size of the woman. A reasonably active 5'7", 220 lb woman is going to need a few more calories than a sedentary, 5'0", 175 lb. woman both of whom have a BMI of 34.5. Or maybe I'm wrong and there's not that much of a difference in calorie needs. Maybe I will track my calories for a couple of days and see what it ends up being. I'm concerned that this plan is too calorie restricted. I don't want to loose weight too fast as I've always read that this is bad for you and leads to yo-yo dieting. According to this calculator from Healthline here are the calories I need to maintain and lose weight based on my weight, height, and age. I checked several other calculators and got similar results.

After entering all of today's food into My Fitness Pal the total calories for today following the Bright Line Eating Weight Loss Plan exactly are: 1,288. That's pretty aggressive weight loss -- and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. It will be one of my questions at my first coaching call. I would sure love to add in one more healthy grain serving at dinner or lunch.
For Reference look below and you can see that someone of my same age with a less active lifestyle, but who is much shorter, but at the same BMI needs 500 less calories a day to loose weight!


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