Forty Pounds Less

My weekly weigh in was yesterday and I broke the 180 barrier and am now down to 179.8.  That's a total loss of 40.2 pounds since I started Bright Line Eating (BLE) Boot Camp on October 4th. I haven't seen the 170s for at least ten years. I can't find any record of exactly what I weighed after I was pregnant with Sam but I do know that the lowest I got back down to was 168 pounds when we were in Italy in June 2004. I think I was in the upper 170s when we moved from Athens, GA to Rhode Island which is when I began gaining a lot of weight fast because of emotional binge eating of sweets -- because I was depressed about having to leave a job and friends I loved. Anyway -- this is a huge success and I'm going to pat myself on the back and take it. I've been losing weight lately at a rate of just under 2 pounds per week which is excellent. I think that my twice weekly weight training is helping this, but I could be wrong. I've been doing that for a couple of years before starting BLE. 

One Day At A Time. I'm going to push all thoughts of future slower weight loss or future challenges out of my head and concentrate just on keeping my lines bright today. Simple but effective. The support and connection I get in the Bright Lifers community and from my Mastermind Group are essential and one of the major differences for me between BLE and other programs I've tried.  I've been listening to the Daily Accountability call as I drive in to work and while I don't always relate to the questions asked being in this BLE community as I start my days sets me off on the right track. 


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