I made it to my goal range of 148-152 pounds! YES!. At 151 -- that's a total of 69 pounds lost on Bright Line Eating and 73 pounds lost from my highest weight ever. I've been adding back in food per the Bright Line Eating maintenance plan since May 23rd. I've been going slowly and have added in 3 components so far: 1 serving of grain at lunch, additional 1/2 serving of grain at breakfast and an additional serving of protein split between breakfast and dinner. It may be time to add the 4th soon, but we will see. Loving this program because it works, it's flexible enough that you can still live your life while eating healthfully -- and for the amazing support being in the Bright Lifers program brings.

If you are interested, I updated my measurements and other Stats on the Statistics page, and there are photos in the blog post I wrote in June.


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