Released the Weight, Now I'm Releasing the Clothes

There's no going back now -- I'm about to take all of these clothes to ENCORE, the consignment shop at my church. This is the second batch I've taken. Last Spring I took Spring/Summer Clothes that were already too big even before I reached goal weight. Now I am taking Fall/Winter clothes. I decided to keep one pair of pants from my highest weight. A pair of size 18W Talbots jeans (I wear a size 10 jeans now). I tried them on -- something I haven't done since I lost 70+ pounds. What an amazing experience! They were HUGE and fell off of me if I didn't hold them up. It was a very powerful visual reminder of how much I've lost. What also amazes me is how much in denial I was before. I mean, I knew I weighed 220 pounds which at 5'7" is obese but I didn't think I looked that fat. No wonder people keep commenting in amazement at how I look now. So, I'm keeping this pair of pants as a reminder that I never, ever, ever want to go back there.

I also tried on a couple of pairs of horseback riding pants I found in the basement, that I haven't worn since the last time I rode which was -- wait for it -- 22 years ago. They are in great shape and now fit perfectly again. So -- I must be thin enough to ride again without breaking the horse -- maybe my next challenge will be to ride again? I kept them of course.


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