Half Way to Goal Weight!

Update almost Four Months in. I have been so much more successful than I had anticipated. I went into this wanting to get over binge eating and not necessarily to loose weight. I didn't think it was possible for me to loose 20 pounds let alone 35.  I now believe that I can get down to my goal weight of 150-155. That's 30-35 pounds left to loose. My BMI is now in the overweight range instead of the obese range and my wireless scale can't tell if it's me or my husband standing on it -- so my weight must be close to his rather than a whole lot more than his.

For the most part Bright Line Eating has not been that hard. It maybe that I was just in the right place and receptive to it -- but more likely it's the program itself and the fact that it emphasizes brain healing, overcoming food addiction, support, meditation, self-compassion, and other tools in addition to an eating plan that is simple to follow. I encourage anyone who is interested to read the book or try a 14 day challenge. I finished my Boot Camp in mid December and have joined the Bright Lifers Group for this year so I can continue this journey. I know that I need the support and the community to do this. I love that the emphasis is on healing holistically not just loosing weight and overcoming food addiction. Learning to really be present for life instead of numbing and self-medicating with food.

Of the 4 Bright Lines the one that has had the most radical impact on me is eating only Three Meals per day. This is also the only Bright Line that I have not broken at all -- not even once in over 100 days. This one just took almost immediately and is so incredibly freeing. There are no decisions to be made about whether or not to eat something at any event that isn't at meal time. I just don't eat. Full Stop. Eating only three meals a day has made me very protective over those meal times. I don't want to eat standing up, or at my desk and I don't want to have to rush through the meal. This is my time to eat, and to enjoy my food and nourish my body. I now notice how so many people eat all of the time, and in a rush, and while doing other things.

I have been remarkably successful at not eating flour or sugar as well -- though I have broken those lines several times. The final Bright Line is to weight quantities which I have also done the vast majority of meals -- except when eating out and a bit while visiting family over the holidays. It still feels a bit ridiculous at times to cut a grape in half to get exactly 6 ounces of fruit for example, but it keeps me honest and my portions don't escalate and it is freeing -- no decisions to make and nothing to estimate.

I talk weekly with my Mastermind Group. A group of 5 women who are all on this Bright Line Eating journey. We are in five different States and talk for an hour on Monday evenings. This keeps me grounded and we all support each other. I've found the support in the Bright Line Eating community on Facebook and with this Mastermind Group to be so much more supportive and real than anything else I have tried (mostly Weight Watchers meetings and My Fitness Pal online).

As far as non-scale victories go -- I do have more energy. I haven't had any heartburn or indigestion. I don't wake up over full and groggy. Part of not eating sugar includes not drinking alcohol and while I miss my wine -- I don't miss the headaches and general yucky feeling I'd have the next day if I drank more than 2 glasses -- which happened quite a bit. My new favorite drink is La Croix sparkling water in a fancy hand-painted wine glass. My cravings for sweet things are mostly gone -- miraculous. Though I do occasionally yearn for some dark chocolate. I know I'm still a recovering food addiction though because when I think about eating chocolate or other NMF (not my food) I still want to binge eat it with no restrictions. Maybe some day I'll be able to have just one piece but not for now.

Before I conclude. Here are my before and after photos so far.


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